Ann Savage Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage

imageWelcome to Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage.  If you've found us, odds are you have a loved one who could benefit from therapeutic touch, and you've come to the right place.  We are passionate about providing safe, personalized, and beneficial massage to at-need populations, especially children with disabilities.

Here at Connective Touch, we don't choose to use the word "healing," because who are we to say that you or your loved one isn't already whole?  Instead, our philosophy and mission is to help the body and heart feel connected, content, and at ease both at the moment of the massage and for as long as possible.  We want only to make you or your loved one feel your best.

Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage is an in-home service based in the metropolitan area of Baltimore, Maryland.  You have enough on your plate without another appointment, so let us come to you and your child in the environment in which they feel most comfortable-- your home.  All you need to do is be there and be willing to engage in the process.

Thanks for finding us.  Please explore the site and feel free to ask questions. 

"Therapeutic touch is a universal language."