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The products exported to the European market are mainly based on accessories, such as disc blade, bearing assembly and some custom-made accessories. The countries currently exporting to the European market are France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia. The share of sales is around 30%.

The products exported to the African market mainly include disc harrows, disc plows, trailers, cultivators and some animal drawn machines. The horse power of the matching tractor is mainly 90-150HP. The countries currently exporting are Sudan, Algeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mali, C?te d'Ivoire and South Africa. The share of sales is around 10%.

15% Exported to the South and North  America :agricultural disc plough, disc harrow, mower, rotary tiller,  farm trailer, plough disc, harrow disc blade and casting part etc.

30% Exported to the Asia and Oceania. :agricultural disc plough, heavy duty disc harrow, rotary mower, land roller ,plough disc, harrow disc blade and casting part etc.

The large-scale soil flat machinery such as land roller,grain transport machinery such as rice machine produced by us,

Through years of continuous improvement and innovation, it has been favored by the Australian market and sales exports account for more than 15 %.

Tillage machinery accessories disc blade,due to it stable quality, reasonable price has become a best-selling product in Asia, especially in Thailand and win customers 'praise.

Exports continued to grow, accounting for more than 10 percent of exports.

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