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Food production is expected to exceed 1.3 trillion jin for 5 consecutive years

10-09-2019 YUNTAI

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released today. At present, there is a foundation for the harvest of autumn grain. If there is no major natural disaster in the later period, China's grain output is expected to exceed 1.3 trillion jin for the fifth consecutive year, which has played a strong supporting role in China's supply and price stability. .

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that good quality and excellent structure are a highlight of this year's food. The quality of wheat this year is significantly better than that of the previous year. The proportion of high-quality special wheat has reached 33%, which is 3 percentage points higher than last year. In addition, the soybean revitalization plan was implemented. It is estimated that the area of soybeans will increase by 10 million mu, and the area of rice and corn in non-advantageous areas will continue to decrease.

Li Guoxiang, Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Through the adjustment of the grain structure, our high-quality rice supply has increased significantly, thus meeting the improvement of the living standards of our people.

This year, China experienced a serious flood disaster and drought in some producing areas. However, due to the continuous strengthening of agricultural infrastructure construction by the central government over the years, the ability to resist natural disasters has significantly improved. At present, China has built 640 million mu of high-standard farmland with high yield and stable yield, and its production capacity accounts for 57% of the country's total grain output.

In addition, in January of this year, cross-border migratory pests, Spodoptera frugiperda, invaded China for the first time, posing a direct threat to China's grain production. According to statistics, this year, 25 provinces across the country found the grasshoppers, and saw more than 15 million mu of insects. Because of the timely and effective prevention and control, the yield loss was controlled within 5%.

Li Guoxiang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Institute: At that time, everyone was nervous and worried that it would have serious adverse effects on our food production, especially corn production. So now from the situation of our autumn harvest, the impact of pests and diseases is very small, so why is it small, not serious? The main thing is that we have early warning, our prevention and control is effective, our pest and disease prevention system has been established, and it is played here. A very important role.

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