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Cuban customers ordered a batch of disc harrows and ploughs

In June 2019, Cuban customers ordered a batch of disc harrows and disc ploughs from our company. Before the batch production, two engineers came to our factory to guide the production, and participated in the disc harrow and disc plow production test.

Our products need to be used on fields with residual unburned sugar cane roots, which can improve land drainage and land structure after product cultivation.

At the time of testing on the farmland, the customer made some suggestions for improvement on the suspension of the disc plough.

After the final testing and modification, the customer has a deep understanding of the strength of our production. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of the products and attaches great importance to the cooperation with our company. I hope that the two sides can have further cooperation. Our company is very grateful to customers for their suggestions on the improvement of the company's products. We hope that the two sides will deepen mutual understanding and further promote cooperation through this communication.

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