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A case study of Sudanese customers ordering heavy disc harrows and ploughs

Sudan's agricultural development conditions are unique. As the largest country in Africa, it is rich in water resources, flat in terrain and fertile land. It is suitable for crop growth. It is a traditional African agricultural country. As early as the 1970s, Sudan was called by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Africa's granary, agriculture is one of the important pillars of its national economic development, agricultural output accounts for 45% of GDP.

In recent years, with the advancement of agricultural development technology, the Sudanese countries have actively imported various types of agricultural machinery products from various sources in various forms to improve the level of national agricultural mechanization. China, which has traditional friendship with Sudan and is an important import and export trading partner, has a favorable precondition for trade exports to Sudan and provides opportunities for more high-quality agricultural machinery products in the country to enter Sudan.

In response to the tropical desert and tropical rainforest hot and humid working environment in the region, we cooperated with FOTON Tractor Factory to export a batch of heavy-duty disc harrows and disc plows. And provide product testing and subsequent technical support.

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